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Vote reconciliation

Vote reconciliation – historic

Lessons can always be learned from the past. Thorough examination and reconciliation of meeting voter data from previous years often unearths underlying shareholder information and voting behaviour. As we target each investor constituency to maximise positive results, we will analyse the shareholder base to determine the institutional investor, arb/hedge, beneficial owner and retail holder compositions. This reveals the varying investor constituencies’ general voting behaviours, as well as dependency on Proxy Advisers.

Vote reconciliation – live

Vote reconciliation is an important part of any robust proxy solicitation and shareholder engagement strategy. We obtain all available voting information from your tabulators and transfer agents in daily vote reports, in order to reconcile votes in real-time.

By analysing and matching back custodial votes to the fund manager and beneficial level, you can be aware of the conversion of verbal intentions into actual votes. This allows us to:

  • Predict scenarios and probable outcomes reliably ahead of a shareholder meeting
  • Identify shareholders that may have any issue with the proposed resolutions
  • Inform your investor relations strategy with information uncovered by reconciliation.