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Proxy Governance Update: Ethnic Diversity – What has the Parker Review delivered?

Boudicca’s Corporate Governance Manager, Erin McCrossan, provides an insight into the Parker Review results and poses the question, “Is UK plc ready to embrace the ambitions of the Parker Review?”

Notable Highlights:
• Ethnic diversity – explanation of the background and key findings of the Parker Review.
• Market views on the Parker Review – an analysis of proxy adviser and investors’ policies.
• Considerations for issuers – reporting on the Parker Review in the Annual Report.

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Proxy Governance Update: Restricted Share Plans – A new resurgence

Boudicca’s Corporate Governance Manager, Patricia Aizpurua Martin, focusses on Restricted Share Plans.
This update is the outcome of a research project directed by Cormac Chesser, Corporate Governance Manager.

Notable Highlights:
• Restricted Share Plans – a fresh insight into share award plans and Boudicca’s insight on their history.
• Market views on Restricted Share Plans – an analysis of proxy advisers and investors’ policies and voting precedent.
• Case studies – a sample of proposals with wide support from shareholders and instances of dissent.

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Proxy Governance Update: Celebrating those tasked with Governance and Leadership

March was a time of celebration for all of those involved in governance and leadership. At the beginning of March we came together to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Women’s Company Secretary Circle (WoCoS) and shared an evening of insightful discussions on the topics for the 2021 AGM season. This was followed by the Non-Executive Director Awards on 25 March, an event that celebrated the ‘best’ in governance across the categories of FTSE 100, FTSE All Share, FTSE AIM, Private/Private, Not for Profit/ Public Service Organisation Equity Backed, with Dame Helen Alexander receiving the 'NED to Watch', and Lifetime Achievement Awards.
Looking forwards we are preparing all involved in governance for the AGM season ahead, considering key themes in our 2021 AGM Season Forecast.

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